Good Luck, Bad Luck (2017)

This typology explores the superstitions from my Chinese ethnicity.

No one is ever born knowing superstitions. It is the culture around us or personal incidents that occur in our lives that enforce them. Everyone has their own set of superstitions that they follow. As an individual, you are to decide which ones apply to you and which ones don’t. Despite knowing that logically nothing bad will happen, following superstition is often easier than consciously resisting it. This is how superstitions have survived throughout the generations. Whether believed or not, they provide continuity with the past and their origins.

I chose to represent these beliefs from Chinese culture by placing them into physical bodies, which are the objects in these images. As superstitions are often heard by word of mouth, I made this series into a book component which also includes the superstition description next to each image. As superstitions aren’t usually documented or easily accessible in a physical form, this book solidifies it through image and text.