All The Baby (2017)

All the Baby explores the detachment I have towards China’s One Child Policy, both culturally and personally.

The One Child Policy was implemented in 1979. Every couple was to have one child between them. Rather than debating against the policy, the book brings light to the emotional and humane side of this controversial topic. This book is made up of colorised black and white baby photos that have been bought from ‘Taobao’, the Chinese equivalent of Ebay.

This series is properly conveyed when viewed in its original book form. Images from the gallery above are not in the book sequence. Video of the book flip through will be uploaded soon. 

When buying from online sellers, it is common to see a button that says, “See All Items”. The title references the this button on Taobao: “所有宝贝” which Google translates to “All the baby”. A phrase that doesn’t make much sense but seems fitting for a book that reveals the lack of babies during the time the policy was in place.

Those who abided by the law had incentives like certificates which could get education loans, longer maternity and housing loans. The book cover is a direct reference to the certificate holder, covered by red plastic and embossed with the official One Child Policy logo used in their marketing.